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Boxing Day/Christmas Day Observed Record Round-Up


The bathtub is full of eggnog. I hope it’s eggnog. My mouth is dry and my vision is clouded with pink and orange lights. Damp with perspiration, bloated with Christmas largess I fought my way to the office and turned up You Could Be Born Again by Free Design until it almost hurt. That seems to be helping. Continue reading

Real Lighter Fluid: Snowman Electrical Band Release New EP, “Christmas is King”


The recording sessions for The Snowman Electrical Band’s Christmas is King EP began by exploding a Peavy Bandit 112 guitar amplifier in the parking lot of an apartment complex in San Ramon. The band had originally intended to simply set the amp on fire, and it was harder to do than they thought. The landlord, Li Li “The Little Scorpion” Hwang, who has been arrested before for floating burning mattresses in the Bay, came out to advise: “Don’t use furniture polish. Real lighter fluid only.” Continue reading

Snowman Electrical Band “Live at the North Pole”


Leave it to The Snowman Electrical Band to do the wrong thing the right way. The band finally played a run of shows and they went to Alaska to do it. Barrow, Alaska is the northernmost “city” in the United States. Even so, it might as well be the North Pole. The shows were recorded for what was to be a big double-live type album of Christmas standards and SXB originals. It ended up as more of an official bootleg. Listen below. Continue reading

Christmastime at Ridgemont High


Santa Monica Place as the Ridgemont Mall

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) is one of my favorite Christmas movies. It is one of my favorite movies in every category to which it even remotely applies. I realize it’s not a Christmas movie per se, but part of it is set at Christmastime and those scenes are sufficiently festive as to make the whole movie a Christmas movie to me. There are some other reasons too. Continue reading

The Snowman Electrical Band: “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”

The Snowman Electrical Band is back, and right on time. Check out their cover of Darlene Love’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” SXB’s version combines a Carpenter’s-like melancholy with mid-nineties Flaming Lips style grit. Wearing their influences on their sleeves is obviously the Snowman Electrical M.O., but their own character crystallizes more each year. Continue reading

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