Riverside School, Thamesmead

Riverside School, Thamesmead

Riverside School, Thamesmead, England. Portrait #2 Sam Uba 1978, George Plemper

Trees and I really love these photos taken by George Plemper at the Riverside School, Thamesmead between 1976-78. The children seem so comfortable in front of the camera; there are no stilted poses or forced smiles. What makes these especially compelling is that the photographer has given the same care to each image as you would expect from photos shoots of models or actors, “important” people. Every freckle, every rumpled jacket or shy smile, is exposed in all its true and honest beauty. Its impossible to look through these photos without seeing how perfectly beautiful this group of completely normal children is. And in that revelation we can’t fail see the beauty in ourselves.

Riverside School, Thamesmead

Riverside School, Thamesmead Portrait #81 ~1977, George Plemper

Riverside School, Thamesmead

Riverside School Portrait #45 1977, George Plemper


  1. those are amazing photos! love the boy with his dog. i would love to see a boy that age wearing bell bottoms now!

  2. it definitely looks like these kids had lots of style.

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