Quadrant by Paper Pie Shop on Etsy
Quadrant Print by Liz Scott

Liz Scott is a Los Angeles based artist who, among other things, makes colorful, abstract paintings and prints that deftly combine a range of influence. Textile patterns from the late 1960’s, printed designs from Scandinavian cookware, and geometric abstraction all come to bear in her work. Scott blends these influences seamlessly into a whole that is distinctly her own.
Her paintings and prints find context and precedent in the work of such painters as Thomas Nozkowski and Alfred Jensen. Like her predecessors she refers to hard-edged geometric abstraction while subverting the coldness that can result from technical precision. Scott accomplishes this by taking an intuitive, free-form approach to pattern and repetition. Patterns are referenced but break down in accordance with her intuition.

Curious Cubes by Paper Pie Shop on EtsyCurious Cubes Print by Liz Scott

Diamond Grid by Paper Pie Shop on EtsyDiamond Grid Print by Liz Scott

Like the paintings of Alfred Jensen, Scott’s work shows a personal, obsessive approach to abstract subject matter while unrestrained mark making invite and reward the viewer’s own interpretation. The reference to pattern, order, system and regulation in her work provides a jumping off point for the imagination rather than confinement.

Stained Glass by Paper Pie Shop on EtsyStained Glass Print by Liz Scott

Her work celebrates freedom with the language of order and regularity. The result is work that is visually striking and conceptually complex. It is no small feat and one that Liz Scott accomplishes with easy-going verve.

Dottie by Paper Pie Shop on EtsyDottie Print by Liz Scott

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