Justin Horne is a multi-media artist in NYC. For Horne, the practice of art making never stops and is not bound by the studio. With an extraordinary eye for color and form, he finds beauty in the mundane. Horne’s photographs, as well as his paintings, sculptures and installations, display formal and minimal elegance. His work exudes warmth, positivity and a sense of wonder for aspects of the urban environment that are typically taken for granted and ignored.

In lieu of our usual Artist Feature we asked Justin Horne to do an exclusive photo essay for BeesAndTrees. What he provided surpassed our expectations and exemplifies his uncanny knack for recognizing and extracting beauty from the most unlikely places.

“Street and Sidewalk”
A photo essay by Justin Horne
These images are excerpts from a series of photographic works documenting the flotsam and jetsam that flows throughout the pavement surfaces of New York City.

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Extension Cord


Curb Monster




Super Specials


Coat hanger


Leaf Cap


Paper Plate Moon




“The most powerful works of art for me are ones that inspire a visual and visceral experience. The work is an event, as well as a conduit to a greater process. Hopefully my work can offer an intimate discovery for an individual by relying on their imagination as they encounter it. My work proposes the possibility for some world other than the one we experience. I strive to illustrate the concept of potential, in its most general sense. By utilizing either what is salient, or what may seem intangible, or positing what could be. Potential is the agent to the mystery that keeps a plot rich and rolling. What harnesses potential could very well be a foundation for the next revelation.”
–Justin Horne
Brooklyn, NY

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